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PYRIT Ufo (LP SOLD OUT) - Bookmaker Records

Pyrit is the solo project of Swiss German Thomas Kuratli. This first album is the musical expression of an original literary project: the story of a man with a generic name, Ufo, lonely traveler who wanders in a devastated world and then dissolves and largely mute in an alien machine. This album (recorded in a parking lot left to enjoy the incredible natural reverb of the place) is full of ideas and vivid emotions while definitely pushing the limits of the oneman band.

Navigating between electronic psyche, gaunt blues and the soundtrack of a weightless film, Thomas exposes himself by donning the costume of a disenchanted crooner in search of the ultimate slow.

12'' LP / 8 tracks - 43 min / BKM10 / Ltd 250

October 2015

Digital Only 7 €