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HENRYSPENNCER Saturn (LP) - Bookmaker Records
Saturn (LP)

Two years in the making, Henryspenncer releases "Saturn", a dense album, torn between cosmos, desert and concrete.
Both narrative and abstract, gloomy and luminous, the psych/folk/drone/heavy mix of Henryspenncer is more personal than ever here. "Saturn" is also Henryspenncer's first studio recorded album (Holy Mountain, London). Mastered by James Plotkin (Earth, Zombi, Barn Owl, Horseback, Nadja, Isis...)

12'' LP with Insert / 6 tracks (47,57) / TT19 / Ltd 200

Released February 14th 2013

We've just got a few copies of this. It was released by TRIPS UND TRAUME

Digital version by ROBOTIC EMPIRE (2015)

Digital Only 5 €