Control (2xLP-CD)

After two years of hard work in his Parisian studio the second album of PYRIT, the project of the Swiss multi-instrumentalist Thomas Kuratli, is ready. Building from his first album "UFO" (2015), which tells of the transformation of a man into a machine, we are now locked inside this machine. Like a floating spirit, recollecting his experience as a human being, we end up roaming in this sonic maze, both prison and new world to be reclaimed. It is within this context that our sensations collide in a coldly organised magma of sound. There, we meet the wounded ghosts of David Lynch, Portishead or Haxan Cloak, but the final result is deeply personal and innovative. This wonderful album is ultimately a journey, without beginning nor end, where flesh and digital, concrete and abstract, anxiety and hope confront one another. It shakes our very foundations, consumes our emotions however leaves us with a longing for more. In the end, this album moves us deeply, and to have seen it being born, being constructed, being deconstructed, being raised again and being transformed, moves us even more. So, we are very proud to present to you our newest sonic friend delivered to you by a friend who is very real.

2xLP / 58 min / BKM16 / Ltd 1000 / Out April 6 2018

Digital Only 8 €